"We love the people with whom we have worked. If Bagsværd Church provides joy and blessings for many people, this has been our supreme desire."
Jørn Utzon in his speech at the consecration 15.8.76.
"I have been among the skeptic, but my skepticism has been put to shame. I surrender to the work of the master. I congratulate Bagsværd Parish and all of Gladsaxe on this attractive building."
Tove Smidt, Mayor, in a speech on the consecration 15.8.76
"We who experience this day, are filled with gratitude. We have never regretted persuading Jørn Utzon to build our church."
Knud Beck, Chairman of the Parochial Church Council, at the consecration 15.8.76.


Kristeligt Dagblad"The light falling in is the real beauty of the nave."
Erik Clemmesen, architecture correspondent of the newspaper Kristeligt Dagblad 31.8.76.

Berlingske Tidende"Bagsværd Church has turned into an architectonic attraction, an example of how Jørn Utzon understands how to combine the technique and the art of building to form something transcending them both."
Martin Hartung, architecture correspondent of the newspaper Berlingske Tidende, 14.8.76.

“Never have I seen white light have so many nuances as in Bagsværd Church. The light enters everywhere so that you avoid the feeling of darkness, and also the feeling of conclusion. A clever interpretation of the concept of eternity.”
Henrik Sten Møller, architecture correspondent of the newspaper Politiken, Søndagsmagasin 4.4.93.

 BT“I am personally a warm supporter of the project, which is of very high artistic and architectonic value.”
Erhard Jakobsen, Mayor, to B.T. 9.12.72

Architectural Review“One will never forget the peace and quiet pervading the church,”
John Winter in the British “Architectural Review”.