The child must be given a name via baptism or via before he or she is 6 months old.

To make arrangements for baptism, please contact the pastor taking the service on the day in question. The church office can tell you who this is. Anyone living in the parish of Bagsværd can have their children baptised in Bagsværd Church. Children from outside the parish can be baptised here only if they have a special connection with Bagsværd Church. The pastor will hold a meeting with you beforehand to explain the meaning of being baptised and to discuss practical issues. Baptism takes place during a service or as a separate ceremony after the service.

Besides the parents, at least two people who have been baptised themselves and are beyond confirmation age must be registered as godparents ("faddere") of the child. This does not involve any financial obligation, but does involve a moral duty to help bring up the child in the Christian faith, especially if the parents die. In most cases the godparents are brothers, sisters or friends of the parents.

Adults can be baptised if they have not previously been baptised. Please contact the relevant pastor. The pastor will have a talk with you beforehand to explain about the Christian faith and the meaning of being baptised.