Getting married or having your marriage blessed

The date should be arranged with the church office well in advance. Then you must obtain a "prøvelsesattest" – a certificate from the local authorities saying that you fulfil the requirements for marriage. Hand in the certificate, which must not be more than 4 months old on the date of the wedding, at the church office and contact the pastor to arrange a meeting to talk about and plan the ceremony.

All members of Folkekirken – the Evangelical Lutheran church in Denmark – who live in the parish or otherwise have a close connection with the parish can be married in Bagsværd Church. Since Bagsværd Church is popular for weddings, we cannot offer to marry couples who have no connection with the parish.

If you want the same middle name/surname from the date of marriage, you must fill in a "change of name" form via navneændring på bryllupsdagen at least 14 days before the wedding.